cascade products international


For many years, buyers had two options when purchasing micro-minerals for animal feed.
1. Purchase high quality Micro-Minerals from domestic producers at a premium price; or
2. Settle for a low-quality imported product at a discounted price with very poor service

Cascade Products Inc. core purpose is to supply a high quality product at a competitive price, with a high level of service.

Cascade Products Inc. is able to provide a high quality product by screening its suppliers and demanding strict specifications and quality control.

In addition to providing a quality product, CPI is able to provide a competitive price by negotiating longterm distribution agreements with its suppliers. 

CPI is able to provide a high level of service by putting the customer’s needs first. We guarantee all of our products to meet all contract specifications. At Cascade Products Inc., the customer deserves the best.

Customers can expect a very high quality product, at the lowest possible price and with a high level of service. This is true whether the product is purchased from manufacturers in the United States or whether from manufacturers offshore. CPI assures the customer will receive a high quality product and exceptional service at a competitive price.

Our management team is comprised individuals whose backgrounds consist of over thirty years of corporate development with major sales organizations. In addition, the president of Cascade Products Inc. has extensive experience in new market development in domestic and international markets. We believe that we are in a good position to accomplish our objectives in the time frame presented.